Planning for 2019; Product Management Podcasts; Upcoming Events You Can Find Me At

Product Management Planning for 2019
Every year around this time, at SiriusDecisions we look ahead to the major trends and areas that b-to-b leaders should be mindful of for the coming year. As we look ahead to 2019, we see increased recognition of product management as a key function, and growth in the discipline, though there are still challenges, and there is certainly room for improvement. My blog post Product Management Trends and Predictions for 2019 summarizes five of the key trends that product management leaders should focus on to enable improvements in the product management function – and the growth and success of the company – during the coming year.

You can also download a copy of the SiriusDecisions’ Product Management: Planning Assumptions 2019 to learn more about these trends — plus a “bonus” sixth trend — and learn how to stay ahead of the curve, or listen to a recorded on-demand webcast to hear my colleague Lisa Singer and I discuss these trends in more detail.

Product Management Podcasts
I recently was a guest on two different product management podcasts, and it’s a complete coincidence I guess that both of them are hosted by guys named Eric:

  • On The Schmidt List podcast, I talked with host Eric Schmidt about topics including the role of the product manager and why there’s often a lack of clarity, how agile is impacting product management, and some trends in tools and technology for product managers.
  • On the Product Love podcast, host Eric Boduch and I had a wide-ranging discussion including how product management leaders need to support the product managers on their team, the most important traits of product managers, and some simple practical ways to be “customer-focused.”

Upcoming Product Management Events
Fall is a busy event season, and here are three product management events where you’ll be able to find me:

  • Saturday, September 22: ProductCamp Pittsburgh. I’ll be delivering a lunch keynote on Creating a Best-in-Class Product Management Organization at the first-ever ProductCamp in Pittsburgh, plus potentially presenting on other topics if my session proposals get selected, of course!
  • Tuesday, October 2: INDUSTRY (Cleveland). The conference itself runs from October 1-3, though I’m on the agenda for Tuesday, presenting on Leading Product Management Product Management Leadership: “Beyond just ‘what does good product management look like,’ this talk is for product leaders looking to build, develop, manage and organize a world-class product management organization. Perfect for VP’s and CPO’s, this session will focus more on the teams and organizations that build product vs. the product itself.”
  • Saturday, November 3: ProductCamp Twin Cities (Minneapolis). I’ve been to Minneapolis many times but this will be my first time at this long-running ProductCamp.

Hope to see you in person at one of these events!

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