SiriusDecisions SiriusView: Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping 2017; B2B Product Management podcast; SiriusFoundations Webcast

SiriusDecisions SiriusView: Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping 2017
I’m pleased to announce the release of the SiriusView “Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping 2017.” This SiriusView covers seven vendors whose offerings are designed to assist product managers with developing product plans, prioritizing features and enhancements, and maintaining and communicating product roadmaps. My post on the SiriusDecisions blog — SiriusDecisions 2017 SiriusView of Product Management Tools — provides a summary of the research as well as a comparison to the initial analysis of this category of product management technologies which we released in late 2014.

Normally this research is only available to clients of the SiriusDecisions Product Management advisory service, but we’ve made a version of this report available to non-clients – click here to download the SiriusDecisions SiriusView: Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping 2017.

Podcast: B2B Product Management with The Everyday Innovator
I was a guest on The Everyday Innovator podcast, talking about b-to-b product management and some of the specific differences and considerations. We covered questions like “How do B2B sales models impact product management?” and “How can product managers avoid the ‘one-off’ practice that some B2B organizations find themselves in – customizing a product for each customer?” You can listen to the episode online or find it through iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

Upcoming Webcast — SiriusFoundations: Product Management
One popular set of sessions from our recent SiriusDecisions Summit were our “SiriusFoundations” sessions, where we covered foundational elements of different b-to-b product, marketing and sales roles and provided an overview of core SiriusDecisions concepts, frameworks and terminology. We’re doing a repeat of the SiriusFoundations: Product Management session as a webcast on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 12pm ET. My colleague Lisa Singer will be covering some of the key priorities for b-to-b product management leaders and product teams as well as relevant SiriusDecisions research and models. Sign up for the webcast today!