Data doesn’t tell you why; more product management bar jokes

Data doesn’t tell you why

In recent years, we’ve seen an influx of new tools that allow product managers and marketers to better understand what is happening with groups of prospects and customers.

These data tools undoubtedly have the potential to improve effectiveness by providing product managers and marketers with better information about what customers and buyers are doing. There’s only one problem: The tools only tell us what, not why.

How can product managers best leverage these tools and balance quantitative and qualitative data? Read more in my newest post on the SiriusDecisions blog: Data doesn’t tell you why.

Product Management Bar jokes

In my last post here, I shared some of my favorite “A product manager walks in to a bar…” jokes and asked you to post more to Twitter with the hashtag #prodmgmtbarjoke. Well, you didn’t disappoint — here are two more of my favorites:

Here’s one other good one I thought of that people seemed to enjoy (or groan over):

And I got a request for a product marketer bar joke, so here was the best one I could come up with:

Contribute your own and follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #prodmgmtbarjoke.

What’s hot on Twitter

Besides product management bar jokes, here are a few of my tweets which have generated the most interest over the past few weeks; to get these in real-time, follow me at @jefflash: