A product manager walks into a bar…; How Does Your Innovation Strategy Compare?

A product manager walks in to a bar…
You can probably think of dozens of jokes that start like this: “A [insert type of person / animal / inanimate object here] walks in to a bar.” Well, this tweet showed up in my Twitter feed this week:

I was amused… and amazed that has been retweeted over 2400 times and favorited nearly 900. It got me thinking, though — how would a “product manager walks into a bar” joke end?

So, I took to Twitter with some ideas. And then some more. And soon enough, I had a bunch of #prodmgmtbarjokes, and others were joining in the fun. Want to participate? Just Tweet with the hashtag #prodmgmtbarjoke, or just follow along. Here are some of my favorites:

How Does Your Innovation Strategy Compare?

I’ve posted here about the research I’m doing at SiriusDecisions related to innovation strategy — how business-to-business organizations make decisions about what markets, products, and areas to invest in with respect to innovation. We’re beginning to collect data on how companies approach their innovation investment strategy today. Many companies have told us that they’d like to understand whether their organizations are investing similarly to their peers, or to other companies of different sizes and in different industries.

We’ve just launched a short 4-question survey that should only take a minute of your time. So, if you’re interested in learning how other companies allocate their investment in innovation, and how your company compares, take the survey.

Speaking of innovation strategy, I put on a webcast on August 14 on Innovation Strategy: Choosing the Right Products and Opportunities to Drive Company Growth (there’s a description here). If you missed it, you can watch the recording.