Leveraging Marketing Automation for Product Management; Product Mentorship Interview; SiriusDecisions 2014 Summit

Leveraging Marketing Automation for Product Management

The concept of marketing automation and marketing automaton platforms as a technology are things about which many people only have a vague understanding and awareness. This is especially true of product managers, which I think is a shame, because there are some great ways that product management can leverage a marketing automation platform. In particular, they can help building understanding of customers and their needs, influence the future roadmap, and identify potential persona and customer interviews.

Marketing automation isn’t a replacement for other product management tools and techniques, and I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone invest in marketing automation just for product management purposes. That said, if your company is utilizing marketing automation, my post on the SiriusDecisions blog — Leveraging Marketing Automation for Product Management — provides some recommendations.

Product Mentorship Interview on Managers Build
I was honored to be asked by Daniel Elizalde (@delizalde) to participate in an interview series he’s running on his blog, Managers Build. In the post — Product Mentorship Series: 10 Questions with Jeff Lash — I talk about how I got into product management, trends product managers need to be aware of, some suggested reading, and a lot more. Thanks to Daniel for the opportunity, and make sure to check out other interviews in his product mentorship series.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2014
SiriusDecisions hosts an annual conference that brings together leaders from business-to-business sales, marketing and product management to talk about how to transform their organizations to drive sustainable growth. The 2014 Summit is less than a month away — May 21-23 in Orlando, FL — with the theme of Transforming Sales, Marketing and Product, and we’re expecting around 2000 b-to-b sales, marketing and product leaders from around the world.

I’ll be presenting two sessions, including one with colleagues where we’ll talk about what sales, marketing and product will look like 5 years from now. Plus, there’s a whole break-out track focused just on product management and product marketing. (See the full schedule.) Attendees will receive SiriusDecisions’ latest research insights, share best practices and ideas with guest speakers — including our keynote speaker Malcolm Gladwell — network with peers, discuss industry trends and connect with our sponsors, who provide solutions and services to optimize sales, marketing and product performance.

If you’re in b-to-b product management, marketing, or sales, this is an event you need to be at. Learn more and register today.

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