Charge More, Offer Less for Better Results; Introducing Portfolio Marketing

How to Charge More, Offer “Less” and Get Better Conversions

The strategy behind the Flickr redesign reminded me of something learned during the heyday of AOL CD-ROMs in the 90s and early 00s. What could the two have in common? It’s a positioning technique that allowed both services to offer “less” than their competitors and still be perceived as offering a greater benefit. In this post on the SiriusDecisions blog, I explain what approach they both employed, and how you can apply it to your own product offerings in order to Charge More, Offer “Less” and Get Better Conversions.

Portfolio Marketing Is the Whole Enchilada

When is product marketing not really product marketing? When the marketing is focused on marketing solutions or services, or aligned with specific industries or business units. As my colleague Marisa Kopec writes in Product Marketing is the Whole Enchilada:

We observe industry, solution, service, product and business unit aligned marketing professionals all working under the guise of a competency commonly referred to as “product marketing.” … The problem is that the term “product marketing” no longer accurately categorizes the function if the organization is doing more than marketing discrete products. … SiriusDecisions’ perspective is that the traditional catch-all term “product marketing” cannot encapsulate the go-to-market functional competency of a b-to-b company – the categorization is too narrow.

We recommend that “portfolio marketing” become the new umbrella functional categorization term representing all job roles focused on marketing segmentation/sizing, persona definition, content ideation, launch, sales enablement and go-to-market planning for all elements of an organization’s portfolio across products, services, industries, audiences and solutions.

This is part of a broader trend we see in the evolution of product marketing. Want to learn more? Join Marisa this Thursday, June 6 for a free webcast on the evolving function of Portfolio Marketing.

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