Understanding minimum criteria; your input needed on research; upcoming events

Meet minimum buying criteria before exceeding them
Is it ever possible to have too much of a good thing in a product? If the cost of that extra capability doesn’t provide any value to the customer, then the extra effort is wasted, especially if there are minimum criteria which are not met. As I write in my latest blog post on the SiriusDecisions blog — Meet Minimum Buying Criteria Before Exceeding Them — product managers and product marketers need to understand what buyers value and what they expect so they don’t put additional resources and emphasis on features or offers that might be of little value to their buyers.

How do companies make innovation investment decisions?
I’m asking for your help with some research we at SiriusDecisions are conducting into best practices in innovation investment and prioritization –- how companies make decisions on what products to invest in and prioritize, and what criteria are used to evaluate opportunities and measure success.

I’d like your input into this short survey, and I’d like to share the results with you. If you are involved in business-to-business product management, product marketing, or are involved in your organization’s process to prioritize investment across products, please take 10 minutes and complete this survey.

By completing this survey, you will gain access to unique intelligence about trends and best practices in this area – information that you can use to improve the way your organization approaches investment decisions for new and existing products. An executive summary with key survey findings will be provided to all interested respondents.

Upcoming webcasts and in-person events
I mentioned a number of exciting upcoming events in my last post, so here’s a reminder. All of these are normally for our SiriusDecisions clients only, but we’re opening a limited number of spots available to others. Space is limited, though, so please register soon if you’re interested.

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