Football, product launch, and what marketers should be doing

What can football teach us about product launch

We are well into American football season here in the U.S., and while I’m normally not one for sports metaphors, it struck me that football provides good analogies for how companies bring products to market. Many organizations struggle with product launch, ending up with ineffective and costly go-to-market failures. Similarly, some football teams run too many unsuccessful plays, struggling week after week to make any progress. See what you can learn from football strategy in my most recent post on the SiriusDecisions blog: Do you have a “Hail Mary” approach to your product launches?

How to handle a product launch failure

Speaking of product launch, Fortune had a great article recently on Hosain Rahman, co-founder and CEO of Jawbone, and the disastrous launch of the Jawbone product UP. Hosain Rahman’s beautiful failure is a refreshingly honest look inside why a product launch failed and how the company handled it and recovered.

Why cash Cows need market requirements and marketers need to go on sales calls

Back on the SiriusDecisions blog, there are a few specific postings from my colleagues which are worth mentioning. Pat McAnally describes how cash cow products need to be nourished, not just “milked,” and how to leverage the Market Requirements Document to help in that effort. And Megan Heuer provides an unfortunately much-needed reminder that marketers should be going on sales calls.

How to lie with focus groups

Lastly, if you’re like me and love some qualitative research humor, check out 7 Ways to Lie with Focus Groups.


One thought on “Football, product launch, and what marketers should be doing

  1. Interesting article there you posted Jeff. Not only Hosain recovered from the terrible loss from ‘UP’, he also made it sure to the customers that we gonna come back. That shows confidence and honesty to your customers.

    Another thing I would like to point out that we can learn from Google Glasses. How before launching any product, they manage their own beta versions of products. We see Google EVP’s wearing those eyeglasses which to me it says, we are going to test it, throw it, tweak it…Until it hits the shops!

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