Announcing some changes to this site

Nearly 6 years ago, I started this blog with the goal of sharing what I had learned about product management and connecting with others in the product management community. As (hopefully) a good product manager, I figured it’s worth measuring to see whether I’ve met those goals:

  • I’ve published over 150 blog posts providing practical tips for product managers and those involved in product strategy, product development, and product management.
  • The blog has received hundreds of thousands of visitors; there are tens of thousands of individuals who have subscribed to receive new posts via email or RSS; and there have been hundreds of comments left.
  • Posts have been translated into several different languages and republished on web sites (and in print publications) worldwide.
  • I’ve had the opportunities to “meet” — via email, over the phone, and in person — hundreds of product managers and product leaders from around the world, representing all different types of products and industries.

By those measures, the blog has exceeded my wildest expectations. I am amazed and honored by its success and the feedback I have received from readers.

However, just as important to me is that through this blog — and through my product management roles over the past few years — I’ve realized my passion for helping product managers, product teams, and organizations improve the way their approaches to product management. Or, as my Twitter profile says: Passionate about making successful products and making product managers successful.

That’s why I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve joined SiriusDecisions, a research and advisory firm focused on helping business-to-business companies improve their sales and marketing effectiveness. I’m humbled to be part of a tremendously talented and experienced team which is doing some fantastic work in aligning sales and marketing functions across various industries. One area they focus on is Product Marketing and Management, and I am now part of a team which works with companies to improve how they develop, manage, and market products and services and improve their product management effectiveness. This includes identifying and sharing best practices and providing advice and consultation through data-driven research, advisory services, webcasts, in-person forums and workshops, consulting, and e-learning, and other methods.

Helping others improve how they approach product management is something I have enjoyed doing as part of my product management jobs — and through “extracurricular” activities like this blog — and I’m excited to be able to now focus all of my time and energy on it.

As part of this new role for me, I’ll be making some changes to this blog, though some things will remain the same:

  • All of the existing blog posts will remain on the site unchanged. They still serve as valuable references for hundreds of thousands of visitors and still generate discussion. Hopefully they will continue to be useful for a long time to come. They will still be licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning you’re free to republish or create derivative works as long as you follow a few minor conditions.
  • I’ll be contributing to the SiriusDecisions blog regularly. It’s a fantastic resource for all things b-to-b sales and marketing, and I encourage you to visit and subscribe via RSS. (And pass it along to your sales and marketing colleagues, too!)
  • I’ll continue to post to this blog, though the format will change. I’ll be posting links and summaries to other good product management resources available on the web like articles, blog posts, videos, white papers, etc. That will include links to some of my blog posts on the SiriusDecisions blog, as well as posts from my colleagues. As other SiriusDecisions relevant content is available — plus information on webinars and other events — I’ll include that too.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also follow me on Twitter as @jefflash, check out product-related visuals I post on Pinterest, and see what questions I’m responding to on Quora. (And, as new relevant services pop up, I’m sure you’ll find me there too.)

I’ll go back to my original goal for this blog — to share what I’ve learned and connect with the product management community. I realized a while ago that those goals would never be “achieved,” because there will always be more to learn and there will always be new people with whom to connect and from whom to learn. Thank you for helping me along the way so far and for continuing along with me for the journey ahead.

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