How To Be A Good Product Manager

Tips on product management and product marketing for product managers. By Jeff Lash

Product Management Resources

This is a compilation of other resources to help you learn how to be a good product manager. If there are any other resources you think should be listed here, contact me and let me know. (I can't promise I'll list it here, but I'd love to hear about it.)

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Recommended product management webinars

I presented two webinars as part of The Product Management View: FeaturePlan webinar series.

Other recommended product management webinars and presentations:

Recommended product management videos

Recommended product management articles

I've written a few articles on product management: Other resources for product management articles:

Recommended product management books

There are lots of good books on product management, but a few of my favorites are on this Amazon Product Management Listmania list I put together.

Recommended product management blogs

There are a large number of blogs that focus on product management issues. Here are my favorites, along with some great blogs that don't focus just on product management but frequently touch on issues very appropriate for product managers.